VXI Tools Suite

2 minute read, posted on 12/16/2020, by VXI Marketing

A person using VXI Tools Suite on an iPad in an office setting.

While other businesses globally have slowed down, VXI has been able to successfully navigate through the year and accomplish growth. In order to accommodate this growth, we leaned heavily on our proprietary technology to ensure that we get the right people for the job and provide them with the support they need to help them succeed in this unprecedented time.

The Talent Match Pro is an automated tool that manages all our potential talent online and creates a digital mark for anyone and everyone coming through VXI. Through TMP, we will be able to note the applicant’s skill set and migrate it to our training platform, the Training Simulator.

The Training Simulator (TSIM) is a dynamic training tool that simulates a live customer environment whether it’s through voice, chat, email, or text, and allows the trainee to experience the impression of interacting with a customer, letting him hone his skills before dealing with live customers.

Another example is the Performance Pro 360 which allows leaders to manage coaching productivity on a real-time basis. From the dashboard, we can predict the customer’s behavior and the agent’s performance behavior based on history.

One advantage we have over other BPOs is our partnership with Symbio, our technology solutions and software development arm that never ceases in coming up with innovations that would benefit our clients by delighting their customers. We’ll let you soon know what we come up with next.

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