VXI Visions Podcast

3 minute read, posted on 10/07/2020, by VXI Marketing

VXI Visions

VXI Visions Podcast is a 10-minute audio event about VXI and the BPO industry in general, providing insight on how to improve the outcome of customer interactions, brand protection, and how to increase sales. The podcast aims to assist businesses looking to outsource for the first time and offer significant advice to those who have engaged in outsourcing for years.

The podcast’s inaugural episode features Debbie Burgess, Vice President for Client Services. She shares her insights on what clients can expect with VXI. She discusses how VXI ensures that best practices are put in place from the moment clients sign up to outsource their customer care form any top-tier care organization. One of the most important aspects of ramping up a new account is structure and organization—which translates to the full engagement of VXI’s implementation team.

Debbie explained the general steps in a new client ramp-up:

  • A Project manager is called in to do a kick-off call which allows department representatives to review the new client’s statement of work and launch timeline.
  • An agenda is set where possible challenges are predicted, discussed and strategies are established to resolve issues. This can help determine any additional data that needs to be obtained for the particular department that requires it.
  • Any information, necessity, or issue that needs to be discussed is then communicated back to the client so that any hitches or drawbacks are ironed out.
  • Debbie also expressed the importance of the VXI tech team communicating with the client’s tech team.
  • Clients will then provide customer interaction with historical data such as call volume, chat volume, marketing strategy, etc. so that VXI can also address how many agents the client needs based on data-backed necessity. This way, clients will not have to guess as to how many agents they need.
  • Once clients provide their required service-level expectations, VXI will then adjust agent metrics to meet and exceed expectations.

Debbie explains how strategy is used to make sure that the clients are given exactly what they need. She explained how VXI uses client data to make the launch a success. Based on clients’ requirements obtained from the findings presented in the data that was gathered, VXI will remodel and adjust to meet and exceed every expectation—this will assure a productive, prosperous, and long-lasting relationship between VXI and clients.

Photo of a VXI call center employee wearing protective face masks while working during the 2019 pandemic



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