Employee Wellness: The Cornerstone of Passion for People

4 minute read, posted on 07/27/2021, by VXI Marketing

Employee Wellness: The Cornerstone of Passion for People

In today’s world, employee wellness is a top priority. Let’s be honest: everyday life can sometimes be a hassle—a day’s workload, unease with co-workers, and financial issues in the office or at home can be too much for a person to handle. Top that off with new stresses like the pandemic, and you have quite an annoyance on your hands. A single plan of action could not resolve possible irritation and aggravation. With this, how can someone seek help and get relief from the exasperations of day-to-day existence?

According to a Gallup research, the next global crisis might be another health pandemic. In another unrelated 2020 worldwide survey, Gallup found that roughly 7 in 10 people are either struggling or suffering in their lives. Besides destroying lives, suffering can destroy the human spirit that drives innovation, economic energy, and eventually, good jobs.

As we live by our “Passion for People” commitment, we have always aimed to help team members live to the fullest while maintaining a healthy balance between work and their personal lives. With the hurdles experienced by our employees, VXI’s Human Resources in Jamaica and the Philippines introduced the VXI Employee Wellness Program that aims to help employees be in their best shape as they do their daily job. The program launched earlier this year is designed as a support system that coaches employees about various strategies to deal with specific issues within accounts and encourages them to overcome different professional and personal concerns.

Bad eating habits and poor meal choices were some of the things that the HR team noticed with the employees. Since the program’s launch, VXI Jamaica started with a jingle competition to gain employees’ attention site-wide, followed by several activities including “Fruits Day” and a Wellness Program with appointed ambassadors from different lines of business (LOB) and Support Departments to participate. Each assigned account had to come up with effective strategies to overcome specific struggles common to everyone.

A free corporate employee wellness platform, Burn Along, was custom-made for employees who just completed probation to help them and their families enhance their overall well-being. The program includes maintaining their physical, mental, and emotional stability to help overcome unprecedented health and social crises within and outside the office.

Meanwhile, as the pandemic takes an emotional toll on employees, our team in VXI Philippines has taken steps to ensure that the mental and emotional health of employees are cared for. Intentions for mental and emotional protection have been made early on in virtual general assemblies as health became the focal point of attention. During the vaccine-less days of the pandemic, employees were made to embrace the new normal by being advised to invest in self-care, adapting to new routines, and following the strict implemented facility measures. Numerous webinars have been hosted by specialists to ensure physical, emotional, and even financial health are in tip-top shape.

Of course, we must not forget our Work-at-Home (WAH) team. The winds of change have blown globally in the past few months and before we knew it, our own lives, jobs, and communities had to cope. A major adjustment was to mobilize the Work at Home (WAH) setup in the Philippines as an opportunity for continued productivity while minimizing the risk of virus exposure. Basic tips on how to maintain a professional environment have been communicated to employees. Leaders also had to be educated about new strategies for maintaining a WAH team.

These activities are only some of the many efforts of our sites in Jamaica and the Philippines that provide support and foster compassion within and beyond the corners of our office. After all, we need to sincerely care about the most important elements that make up our organization—our people.



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