Activities While Working-At-Home

4 minute read, posted on 10/07/2020, by VXI Marketing

Group of VXI employees playing Jenga

Welcome to the new normal! We are down to the final four months of 2020–some of you may be working-at-home, and some may be back in one of VXI’s sites around the globe. Whatever the case may be, you will see that everything is not the same if you take a look around. It may take some time before we go back to the way we were, but we will get there with a little discipline, teamwork, and patience.

One of the things that we miss most from the old normal was team engagement. Since face-to-face interactions are being avoided and groups are temporarily broken up to home and site teams, we need to follow a new model using online interactions. This is how we can make our online team engagement experience more fun and exciting for everyone.

Thematic Meetings

Trust us, even pre-pandemic meetings were a bit on the tedious and boring side. But now that you have a whole arsenal of stuff within your home, how about kicking up the fun aspect even if it’s virtual? Organize a meeting theme: wear a funny costume or hat, for instance. Make it a stand-up comedy theme and have the participants tell a joke before the meeting. How about ‘Show & Tell’ where everybody gets to show their favorite book, stuffed animal, or action figure on-screen? Better yet, up the cute ante by showing your pets on-screen for everyone to see.

Coffee Break Conversations

Coffee breaks during the old normal made our hectic workday more bearable. Non-work-related conversations about the latest streaming series or movie gave us a much-needed pick-me-up to keep us up and running to meet that project deadline. Instead of walking away from your monitor to finish your cup of Joe, why not schedule a brief FaceTime with your teammates to discuss that movie that just came out or that TV series you just started watching.

Team-Building Exercises

This is the new normal—where avoiding human contact on purpose is the standard. How do we keep our teammates engaged when cooperation and teamwork are at their most fragile? By conducting online team-building exercises, of course! Organize a company culture workshop by inviting notable guests from the company to speak. How about conducting competitions like online quizzes where the best team wins? Some apps and programs can help in managing cards and board gaming sessions. At the end of the day, breakout those drinks for karaoke or movie night to wind down.

Skills Development

Knowledge is the cornerstone of human development, and this applies everywhere all the time. In an office setting, more so—and working-at-home does not mean your professional and mental development should go on a standstill. Help organize a mentorship program by partnering rookie employees with veterans to assist them in their day-to-day functions. Watch a work-related webinar together with the team to sharpen your skills. Conduct skill-sharing sessions by inviting professionals to talk, or have someone from the team share her skills with the rest of the team. Organize a book club to discuss everyone’s favorite book of the week.


Recognition is a way for the company to tell its employees that they are valued for being a great part of the company’s success. This also motivates them to continue to do better a better job as it helps employees create a sense of security. Conduct an online Oscars-style recognition night in honor of your best-performing teammates—and make sure that they are dressed for the occasion, even if they are all wearing shorts and flip-flops off-screen.

We should not let a pandemic be a hindrance to making our every working day fun. With a little innovation and teamwork, working-at-home can be fun, memorable, and worth going back to. Team engagement inspires us to be more productive, and productivity makes sure that clients’ needs are taken care of.

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