Employee Health and Safety Procedures at VXI Global Solutions

2 minute read, posted on 06/24/2020, by VXI Marketing

Communicating Employee Health and Safety Procedures

In the first and second part of this feature, we looked at how VXI China began working on WAH solutions when the Covid-19 disaster broke out in Wuhan. Today, we will explore the employee health and safety procedures and communication plan implemented by VXI  Global Solutions for protecting workers from exposure to, and infection with COVID-19.

Employee health and safety procedures begin with communication. It also means deploying preventative and sanitary measures in our facilities, social distancing, daily health checkups, and significant education to our global workforce.

The VXI China HR team prepared and delivered cascading communications throughout the organization so that every team member received the same message during the whole crisis. When messages or procedures changed, updated documents were sent to agents and shared with their family members so that they remained safe and informed.

For those now back in the office, the “new normal” means new masks daily and rigid adherence to social distancing. Sites have been reconfigured to provide plenty of space. Temperature checks with thermal scans are required before entering a facility, as is registration and isolation at home if a person is suspected of infection. Above all, hand washing is required and sanitation dispensers are readily available. During off-hours, the facilities are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

To date, we had no known positive COVID-19 cases in our VXI China workforce. Knowing this can change any moment, VXI developed a clear protocol for employees should there be a suspected or confirmed case, and cascaded this knowledge across our global workforce to emulate.

Using Lessons Learned in China

VXI Global Solutions was able to prioritize safe environments via VXI’s 10-Point Safety Plan. The company later engaged a strategic U.S. medical director as VXI’s health education expert, the only BPO to do so as far as we know.

Next week, in the final part of this feature, we will explore how VXI was able to continue delivering business continuity excellence with our turnkey approach that includes all the tools, software systems, and people necessary to achieve our goals.

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