Social Media as a Service Differentiator – Part 3

4 minute read, posted on 03/10/2023, by Amanda Pollitt 

Social Media as a Service Differentiator: Part 3

As we highlighted in part 1 and part 2 of our blog series, being present and responsive is no longer enough to meet the demands of the modern social media consumer. Marketers and customer care associates need to work together to cancel the “cost center” culture, remove operational barriers, and leverage the right SaaS platform to gain efficiencies and unlock opportunities for value creation through automation and AI.

Once the right tools and guidelines are in place, your brand can move forward with our third and final mission-critical objective for achieving legendary social media care – defining your response strategy for earned vs. owned content.

Objective 3: Create a playbook for earned and owned content

Achieving the perfect response rate between owned and earned social content is somewhat of a holy grail. With an endless flow of mentions to sort through it can be one of the more challenging strategies to implement and operationalize. Every time you think you’ve mastered it; social behaviors change and the balance shifts again. Depending on the size of the servicing team, some organizations may choose only to respond to conversations on “owned” media or the content that a brand creates and shares from their proprietary pages. Others set a goal of responding to everything.

While there is no one-size fits all approach, every functional area within the organization must answer one question – which conversations are most impactful for your customer and brand? Once that question is answered, content can be categorized, and stakeholders assigned. Luckily with the right SaaS tool, artificial intelligence (AI) can help automate many of the back-end processes to ensure only actionable content is filtered through to your customer care representatives.

Today, leveraging AI to gain efficiencies on social media extends beyond a messaging bot. For programs that engage with “earned” content, or the conversations happening outside of the brand’s direct line of sight, AI plays a pivotal role.

Example: One multinational retail brand was able to replace its social media triage team by automating the back-office workflows required to sort through the earned content, tagging, and assigning functional owners based on the category and level of urgency. This included marketing insights, crisis management, and opportunities for suggestive selling and conversational commerce. By eliminating the manual triage process, their service team was able to work faster with less effort, freeing up opportunities for value creation.

With 31% of prospective customers turning to social media to make pre-sales inquiries, responding to earned content can be a great way to increase a brand’s conversion rate for online sales. For example, if a telecom customer asks about fiber internet options on Twitter or a retailer is mentioned on a forum about an old product model that needs to be replaced, these are prime opportunities for customer care teams to jump in.

After all, supporting your customers on social media isn’t just about responding to a complaint or acknowledging accolades. It’s about proactive engagement and two-way conversations that show you care – because you can. The brands that create legendary experiences in 2023 will take their marketing and servicing teams a step further, working cross-functionally and with the help of AI to capture and retain customer attention.

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