5 Secrets to Award-Winning Customer Experience

5 minute read, posted on 08/25/2021, by VXI Marketing

Award-Winning Customer Experience

What does it take for a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company to be called a world-class provider of award-winning customer experience (CX)? Incredible customer experiences are not happy accidents—they are pre-meditated, methodically planned, and well-executed. They are performed through effective communication, outstanding leadership, and careful teamwork. It is common for customer service-providing companies to proclaim expertise in delivering an exceptional customer experience. However, most enterprises fail to do so.

An organization that delivers award-winning CX nurtures customer loyalty and constantly gains benefits from their business such as valuable testimonials and word-of-mouth referrals. Aside from this, a Bain & Company case study reveals that keeping your existing customers is cheaper than winning new ones. It will also be a great benefit for your company’s branding to be known as an entity that provides outstanding customer service. More so, delivering your world-famous brand of customer experience will make your customers happy, and we know that happy customers make happy employees. It is a chain reaction. Here are the top 5 secrets to exceptional, award-winning customer service revealed by an award-winning BPO provider.

Knowledge Leadership

Data and information are important in any BPO providing company and an expansive knowledge of your product is an essential customer experience advantage. Ensure that your employees are equipped with the latest and best information that you can provide. Also, keep in mind that having all the knowledge in the world is useless if your employees do not know how to utilize the said information. Keep your agents up-to-date with the knowledge that you have gathered from your experience and allow them to use that in the best way possible. Keeping your employees educated and trained on how to use the information is a plus. Provide your clients the information that they need to be able to tackle their problems on their own.

Technology and Innovation

Being several steps ahead of the competition is the key to making your company ready for anything the future throws at you. One of the best ways to keeping updated is the utilization of the best that innovation and technology have to offer. Choose the right tools that encourage communication and collaboration for your employees as well as inspire instruction and learning. Technology and innovation in the last 20 years have taken leaps and bounds, and CX providers have taken advantage of the technological revolution to expand and improve customer service. The internet leads the way in communication, AI and chatbots join the fray in making customers’ lives better, and different apps and tools have paved the way to customer service ease. Do not get left behind.

Being Proactive

One of the best-kept secrets of exceptional award-winning customer experience is being one step ahead of customer issues. According to a Forrester case study, one of the top trends for customer service is companies nowadays tend to explore proactive engagement. As of today, there are still companies that do not realize the importance of being proactive. The worst act a customer service-providing company can do is becoming reactive—expecting the customer to act first before doing anything, and this scenario creates high-negative feedback from customers. Being proactive means anticipating customer actions, monitoring customer behavior, resolving the issue before it becomes a bigger problem, and exploring the best possible options to assist to customer.

Providing Personalized Service

The best way to constantly provide an exceptional customer experience is to always keep in mind that no two customers are alike. Customers get angry when they feel that they are not treated as individuals and if they receive template responses. When a customer calls in, expect your representatives to always try to connect and build that relationship every time. Your agents can deliver an award-winning service every time they build a connection when they make an effort to get to know the customer, sound genuine and friendly, and personalize the conversation to the needs of the caller. This is where the CX magic word comes into play: empathy. Listening intently to a customer increases your agents’ understanding of their personality and situation. The more that they comprehend and recognize their circumstances, the better your agents will have the ability to resolve their customer’s issues. Paraphrasing a quote from Robin Willams’ character in the movie Patch Adams: “You treat a problem, you win, you lose. You treat a person, I guarantee you, you’ll win, no matter what the outcome.”

Passion for People

The pièce de résistance and the glue that holds all of the secrets together is your company’s passion for people. Offering clients the opportunity to share your philosophy of working together to make a difference in people’s lives within and outside the workplace should be the core of your culture and the reason why your company exists. To be a people-centric workplace means to think about how you want your people to work and always think about their motivation to do the work. A people-centric organization focuses on employees and their behaviors first, along with their customer interactions and communications before anything else. Emphasizing the human element of your human relations, along with strong leadership will get you on the straight and narrow path towards becoming an award-winning customer experience-delivering organization.

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