VXI Creates New Job Opportunities in Youngstown and Canton Amid High Unemployment

3 minute read, posted on 03/23/2021, by VXI Marketing

VXI Job Opportunities in Youngstown

VXI Global Solutions, a leader in customer experience (CX) management, revealed new job opportunities in Youngstown and Canton in Ohio, the company said. The new job openings aim to curb the rising unemployment rate, boost the local economy, and provide chances for previously unemployed or under-employed workers to have lucrative careers and increase take-home pay to better meet their financial obligations.

There were 115,174 new unemployment claims filed in Ohio last week, according to the state’s Department of Job and Family Services, down about 13,000 from the week prior. In the year since Ohio began reporting weekly unemployment claim figures because of the coronavirus pandemic, there have been 3.2 million new claims filed.

“Our goal is to provide as many job opportunities to help reduce the high unemployment rate in Ohio,” Youngstown Site Director Santos Albert said. “In VXI Youngstown alone, we’re looking to hire more than 300 customer service professionals in the next coming months. What’s exciting is that we have pilot programs where they can start as agents and eventually move their career up as future leaders when the program becomes successful.”

“VXI has two sites in Ohio. One in Canton and the one in Youngstown. People living in Ohio may prefer to go either way.” VXI Canton Site Director, Chris Fisher said. “We have new management and new call center campaigns that new and existing employees can be excited about. We will hire over 150 new employees over the next two months.”

Fisher also stressed the importance of employee safety. “We also care about our employees’ well-being as we recognize that the virus is still out there. We know that everyone’s had a rough time the past year and we have put in place various safety protocols inside our offices. VXI is their second home after all.”

On top of a safe and fun working environment, VXI is also offering excellent base pay, bonuses, paid time off, flexible schedules, health insurance, 201k benefits, and thriving career development for new hires.

Hiring in VXI is already underway. You can visit VXI at 20 Federal Plaza in Youngstown or call (330) 531-6776. You can also visit VXI Canton at 401 Cleveland Avenue NW Canton or call (330) 558-6236. Please login to VXI Youngstown and Canton’s hiring pages for more information.


About VXI

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