8 Ways You Can Delight Your Customers Without Fail

5 minute read, posted on 12/16/2020, by VXI Marketing

Delight Your Customers

As a rule, people do not like having to deal with customer service. Not only does it often mean they are having a problem, but these interactions have a reputation for being difficult, frustrating, and with little chance of clear communication or positive results. However, here at VXI, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can delight your customers without fail.  Here are eight things VXI can do to deliver to your customers a delightful and amazing experience every time.

We hire the best people and put them in the right places

Right from the start, VXI cultivates the best customer experience in the market by looking for the best people to delight your customers and hiring them. To support our rapidly growing workforce, VXI’s Talent Match Pro allows applicants 24×7 access to the VXI hiring engine. It makes our recruiting process quicker and more efficient with its online application assessment and automated scoring and allows hiring personnel more time to examine each applicant’s skill in order to assign them in their correct positions.

We connect with customers

The data VXI collects from customers can be used as a jumping-off point towards genuinely understanding and connecting with them, and we take it a step further by empathizing and asking how they are and relating to the problems they are having. This collected information can also help create Buyer Personas to give our agents something tangible to relate to, even when information is scarce.

We listen to customers

Connecting and empathizing is great, but it is more important to listen to customers and understand the issue they are having. The more a customer has to repeat themselves, or the longer it takes for the representative to understand what they need, the more frustrating it becomes. Through sincere understanding, we make customers feel heard. Through genuine concern, we come up with a simple, practical solution to help them.

We make it easy

In VXI, we do everything to make the call as straightforward and seamless as possible. We try to keep the customer with a single representative to help them through the whole problem, rather than transferring them back and forth from one to another. If the customer does have to be transferred, we make sure all the details of their issue get transferred to the next representative so they don’t have to go through the hassle of explaining their entire situation again.

We collect real-time data

We ensure that every interaction is recorded—not just data about the customer and their issue, but data about the interaction itself. Interaction analytics can tell if a customer is happy with the way the call is going, or if they’re getting frustrated, not feeling heard, etc. Those analytics can then help our agents with tips and advice for what to say and do in response to these circumstances. By collecting this data and acting on it in real-time, we can turn potentially bad customer interaction into a good one.

We protect customer information

Measures are taken every day to make sure that fraud is avoided. Every call is documented so that every detail of the customer call is logged and verified, and interactions are monitored regularly. An anti-fraud campaign is observed annually and agents are reminded of integrity every day. Agent responsibility to integrity is also assured through their signing of commitment forms in order to protect pertinent and critical customer information.

We never stop training

No matter how effective our agents are, there’s always room for improvement if we want to delight your customers every time. We keep track of representatives’ performance records and the areas in which they could stand to do better. We provide support and encouragement for the ones who are not doing as well, and training simulations are available to help them work on the areas where they are weaker. The VXI Training Simulator offers amazing opportunities for hands-on experience in a variety of real-world scenarios, without real-world consequences. This allows them to learn from their mistakes, enabling them to help more customers, provide better solutions, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

We love getting customer feedback

Our customer interaction does not end with the call. We make sure that our customers are satisfied with the service that they received. VXI works closely with our clients to ensure that feedback is collected as a follow up to find out where we succeeded, where we still need work, and what we can do to provide better service in the future.

Just like a bad contact center interaction can make a person angry and frustrated, a good contact center interaction can be a pleasant surprise that makes their day. VXI always strives to make your customers not only satisfied but also delighted with our interactions. Through great interaction, together we can delight your customers and keep them for years to come.

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